Teaching and Training

I am the editorial trainer and writing coach at the Financial Times and at Citywire, a news and information agency for investors. I also have personal clients and I am available for private coaching and training sessions.

I am a tutor with the Arvon Foundation, a British charity that runs residential creative writing courses. I also teach journalism and creative writing at the Mathias Corvinus Collegium in Budapest.

I have lectured and held seminars at numerous universities including Columbia, Cornell, Toronto, Dublin, Pennsylvania State and Central European University in Budapest.

I am an experienced public speaker and am available for events. My specialist areas of expertise include central and eastern Europe, the new Cold War, the Bank for International Settlements, the origins of the European Union, Israel and Palestine and spy fiction.

Please contact Rachel Conway at Georgina Capel Associates (rachel at georginacapel dot com) for further information about speaking engagements.